Part A: Introduction

Use and Interpretation

These rules and regulations form an integral part of the terms and conditions governing the site.

The Rules apply universally to all bets placed on this online betting platform ("Site"). They encompass the following:


Customers are responsible for acquainting themselves with all rules pertinent to any market on which they intend to place bets.

Customers who opt to use the "one-click" betting option assume full responsibility for their actions. The site bears no liability for any errors committed by customers while using this option.

Part B: General Rules

Matters beyond the site's control and malfunctions

The site assumes no liability for any losses or damages incurred due to:

In such instances, the site reserves the right to cancel or suspend access to the site without assuming any liability. Additionally, the site is not responsible for the failure of any equipment or software, regardless of its location or administration, that may impede the operation of the site.

Technological failures and errors

If a customer identifies a technological failure or error, they are obligated to notify the site immediately. If betting continues under such circumstances, customers must take reasonable steps to mitigate potential losses. Failure to do so may result in the site voiding a bet.

The Site retains the absolute discretion to limit access to the Site, withhold funds, or void any outstanding bets in the event of a technological failure or malfunction that compromises the Site's integrity, whether directly controlled by the Site or otherwise. Customers will be informed on the site of any such malfunction that may prevent further betting or result in voided outstanding bets.

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